Monthly Bookkeeping
Consistency in bookkeeping is key to business growth. At Breindel, we provide a monthly bookkeeping service to allow you access to your firm’s financial standpoint anytime you need them. Fees are based on the volume and complexity of transactions.


Monthly Payroll
Breindel specialises in providing monthly payroll service for your firm. We understand that an efficient payroll process will help your firm flourish.


Year end Financial Reports & Directors’ Report
Well prepared year-end financial statements and Director’s Report allows you to see how far your business has grown over the year, and gives you a head-start on how things will be better the next. All reports prepared will be in compliance with official Singapore business standards, ready for submission to respective authorities.


XBRL Conversion of Financial Statements
XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is a new industry standard that uses the XML-based framework to present financial statements. Singapore-based companies are required to attach a copy of their financial accounts with the company’s Annual Return in XBRL format.

Breindel provides XBRL conversion services for your firm’s financial statements, in compliance with ACRA requirements, ready for your submission.